About us

Beasties clothing, Since 2016

Beastly definition: A way of saying okay...

I am not you.

I am me!

My way. 

We are all different. We all like different things. Just be yourself. That's our motto.

We weren’t born to shovel sh*° every day.

Who needs unicorns. I eat rainbows for breakfast! It’s not that being the same as everyone else isn’t fun. We just have a vision that looks inside each one of us to be who we are. Authentic, sometimes courageous and almost always a little strange. But just be true to yourselves.

Endlessly seeking approval is how we are all groomed to be. Toe the line.

Don’t get us wrong ! Most rules are good, but not all the time man. We want to be alive… our way. Release your inner Beastie. Do yourself a favour. Open your mind. Open your soul.

The original beastie Glen Viljoen set off on his global journey 30+ years ago that would forever change his life. After backpacking for years and years and seeing some amazing faces, corners and cultures around our beautiful world. He came to realise, 'individuality is in an eternal state of flux'. There is no one way to be, except being true to yourself. Just because you are born somewhere doesn’t mean that’s who you are. Because I like strawberry coffee today doesn’t mean I won’t rule out salty bananas tomorrow. Every day, people show kindness and a pure spirit. There is so much good energy in our world, and so much emotional oppression. That's why being ourselves is the most important lesson one can learn. *Just play nice okay !

The beasties message is woven into its clothes

So since those noncompliant and wild beginnings, the Beasties brand was developed to express a philosophy.

Glen knew nothing about how to make clothes. But no matter. Beasties clothing was born from the heart. All about Fu*° you, I am not you, creativity and colour. Based in the south of France near Aix-en-provence. Now that the brand is developing, more people are joining the beasties family and reminding the world...

There's a beastie in all of us.

My inner beastie rules. Just being me.